Why it’s So Important to Find an Activity You Are Passionate About in Recovery

When I first got clean, after I got home from rehab, I started painting. I had always loved art when I was a kid. I was always good at drawing. But I hadn’t done anything with it in twenty years. I got into an art class, I made a little studio area for myself in my office, I bought a bunch of art supplies, and I started painting.

I can’t tell you how many times painting prevented me from being tempted to go out and use drugs. One of the hardest things about recovery is feeling like you are bored. People find it difficult to stay clean and sober because they don’t know how to have fun without drugs or alcohol. This is why it’s absolutely essential for you to find something that you enjoy doing that you can do anytime you would have the urge to go hang out at the bar or the parties.

Maybe for you it’s not art or painting. But I guarantee you that you will find something. Try different sports. Volleyball, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, swimming, ice skating. Look around and find out what is available in your community. Maybe you will become an avid reader. Maybe you will finally write that novel you’ve been wanting to write forever. Maybe you will start learning a different language or take a free online class about history. Maybe ¬†you will go back to school.

There are also a lot of different hobbies that you can get involved in. You could try adult coloring books, puzzles, module planes, crafts, cooking. Get on Pinterest and you will find lots of different ideas. Get creative! Think about all of the things you enjoyed before you drank or used drugs. The point is, it’s incredibly important to have an activity that you love to do that is not drugs or alcohol. And it won’t be hard. There is a whole world out there!